Our Mission

Our world and the people in it are suffering under the weight of poor health. With our soils stripped of nutrients, our environments becoming increasingly toxic and stressful, with people not even knowing what is good and healthy for them - our happiness and vitality are taking a massive hit.

A healthy people is a healthy civilisation; a healthy civilisation is one that can grow onwards and upwards.

Sol Supplements was born out of a desire to create CLEAN, high-quality and effective supplements without any of the garbage. It was created in order to help fulfill a larger mission:


So many times I was looking at supplements and they had extra ingredients that ruined the mix, a superfluous and deleterious preservative, or it didn't actually carry an effective dose of what should have been the active ingredient. 

Nothing was doing what I knew was possible, so I began Sol Supplements.

When you take a supplement created by us, you KNOW that what you are taking is 100% PURE, does what it is meant to, and will support your health and vitality. 

We look to nature for inspiration. Nature has perfect ideas. Salts from the sea, vitamins and minerals from the bison.

We believe in natural, holistic health, and we view the body not as a bunch of disconnected and isolated parts but as an integrated system that works in tandem. When one part of the system is out of alignment, it affects all of the others!

In every case that we can, we are looking to manufacture and source our products in the USA or other reputable countries - from our Electrolyte Salts to our Bison Liver Capsules. Too long has our supplement manufacturing gone overseas in cheap, dodgy factories. When we are putting something into our bodies, the last thing we want is cheap materials.

By supporting Sol Supplements, you are taking a vote for a business that will never compromise on what we value when we create.

You are choosing to take a supplement that will do good for you; and thus indirectly better the world around it through the benefits you receive.

Take your increased vitality and share it with the world around you.