Beef Liver vs Bison Liver - Who is King?

Beef Liver vs Bison Liver - Who is King?

Unleashing the Power of Bison Liver: The Superior Alternative to Beef Liver Supplements

I often remember when the term ‘super-food’ started to rise in popularity, and my mind still travels back to its peak when kale was all the hype. Back then, liver was not a food consumed by a majority of the population. In recent years, however, thanks to a lot of social media influencers like Sol Brah, Liver King, Carnivore Aurelias, and Paul Saladino, liver has suddenly hit the super-food hero status.

beef liver google search trend graph in america

'Beef Liver' Search Volumes In America

Some Key Nutrients in Liver:

  • Iron: used to create the proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin, which transport oxygen around the body
  • B12: Used in the development and function of nerve, blood and brain cells, and helps to create DNA
  • Vitamin A: Maintaining the immune system and vision and body tissue, especially skin
  • B2: Processing carbohydrates, fats and protein into usable energy
  • Click here for the Bison Liver Nutrient Table

As more people discover the benefits of natural diets, many are now turning to fresh liver and liver supplements to fill nutritional gaps in their diets. Among the liver supplements on the market, freeze-dried bison liver capsules stand out as a superior alternative to their beef counterparts. In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits of supplementing with bison liver capsules and why they outshine beef liver options.

History of Liver Consumption

For as long as you roll back the scrolls of history, liver has been a normal part of human diets, and in many cultures, a very prized food. Various parts of the world still have staple or complementary dishes based around liver. For example, stingray liver is very popular in Japan, often served raw as sashimi for its delicate, creamy texture. In Moldova, chicken liver and mushed corn is a well-known and loved dish that provides nutrients and energy.

a beef liver dish
A Slow-cooked Beef Liver Dish - Beautiful, Rich Flavours

Recently in Western food culture, organ meats have been moved out of diets, and people stick to eating muscle meat alone. But this is changing. Many people are realizing that organ meats are some of the most powerful foods on the planet when it comes to overall health.

Beef and chicken liver are the most popular liver types, however, if bought from a supermarket or regular butcher, the animals are often fed diets they are not meant to eat – grains.

Sourcing of liver is important. The taste difference between grass-fed, free-range beef liver, and grain-fed beef liver is astounding. For example, grass-fed beef liver does not have that strong 'livery' taste grain-fed liver has that puts most people off on the first bite. You can tell by the taste that the animal lived a happier life!

What other options are there?

Grass-fed, organic liver is not easy to come by, and even butchers who specialize in grass-fed sell out quickly or often cannot get their hands on the liver. On top of that, a lot of people find that purchasing, keeping, and cooking liver is just a bit too much to ask, so many turn to desiccated or freeze-dried capsules. These capsules allow people to easily access the bio-available nutrients in a convenient manner.

So Why Bison?

The market is packed with grass-fed beef liver capsules, but there is one other animal out there whose liver packs even more of a nutrient-dense, bio-available punch, and that is the Bison. We decided to take the liver pill one step further and give people the most powerful freeze-dried liver capsule on the market.


bison standing in a field in washington

Bison are Incredibly Strong, Durable and Healthy Creatures

Why Bison Liver is Superior to Beef Liver:

Higher Nutrient Density

One of the main reasons bison liver is considered superior to beef liver is its higher nutrient density. Bison liver contains an impressive array of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B vitamins (B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12), vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

While beef liver is also a good source of these nutrients, studies have shown that bison liver contains higher concentrations of these essential vitamins and minerals, making it a more potent supplement choice to boost your nutrient intake.

More Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

It's refreshing to hear that the bison industry is known for its commitment to sustainable and humane practices, which is great to hear with all of the mass-production farms in place these days.

Bison are typically raised on grass-fed, free-range farms, where they roam freely and graze on natural grasslands. This method of farming not only supports the natural ecosystem but also results in healthier, happier animals.

In contrast, conventionally raised beef cattle are often subjected to feedlots, where they're given growth hormones, antibiotics and are fed grain. The living conditions and food stress the cattle, impacting the quality of their liver and overall health.

Lower Fat Content and Fewer Calories

Bison liver is lower in fat and calories compared to beef liver. This leaner profile makes it an ideal choice for those watching their weight or following a low-fat diet. Additionally, the fats in bison liver are healthier, with higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to beef liver. These healthy fats are known to have anti-inflammatory and heart-protective effects.

Superior Taste and Texture

While taste may not be the most critical factor when choosing a liver supplement,  a healthy liver will taste better. Most people find the taste and texture of bison liver far more appealing than beef liver. Bison liver has a more mild flavor and a delicate, tender texture.  An interesting test is comparing grain-fed and grass-fed beef liver (as they are more easily available). The difference is night and day. The healthier the animal - the less 'livery' the taste.

Less Prone to Toxins and Contaminants

Bison are raised in natural, free-range environments and are not subjected to the same levels of growth hormones and antibiotics conventionally raised beef cattle are. This means their livers are less likely to contain harmful toxins and contaminants which can add up over time, so if you are supplementing with liver regularly, Bison is the elite choice!

Bison Liver - A Clean and Bioavaliable Daily Supplement

Freeze-dried bison liver capsules offer a host of benefits that set them apart from their beef counterparts. With a higher nutrient density, more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, lower fat content and fewer calories, superior taste and texture, and reduced exposure to toxins and contaminants, bison liver is a clear winner.

Level up your health game today, and get the most out of nature's most potent multivitamin. 

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