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Sol Salts Natural Electrolytes 250g

Sol Salts Natural Electrolytes 250g

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Sol Salts ingredients are harvested from a pristine natural Australian lake and the Dead Sea |

Fuel Your Workouts, Stay Hydrated And Mineralized with Sol Supps Electrolyte Salt Supplement

SOL SALTS - This specialised blend of essential, naturally derived macro minerals replaces the minerals and electrolytes you lose when you exercise - water is just one part of the hydration equation… fuel your body with what you lose through sweat with Sol Salts.

In the sauna, on the pitch, out and about, or in the house… SolSalts will ensure you can go harder for longer. Pairing with our SolSupps Taurine and SolSupps Astaxanthin can help improve recovery further by enhancing electrolyte balance and helping to repair exercise induced muscle damage.

Add to your favorite beverage, water, or food. As a high quality, pristine natural salt, it can even be sprinkled on food.

If you want to perform better athletically, using an all natural product with NONE of the garbage found in other ‘sports drinks’, then add Sol Salts to your water.

Suggested Use: Drink before training to saturate your muscles, drink it during to sustain your workout performance as well as after to improve post-workout hydration.

Ingredients: Ancient lake salt, potassium chloride, concentrated ionic magnesium solution.

Serving Size: Approximately 3-5 pinches per 88.3 fl. oz. / 1L, but once you know the strength, go by taste. Each serving contains 728mg of sodium, 457mg of potassium, and 18mg of magnesium.

Minerals and Electrolytes in the Body

If you struggle with poor sleep, average workouts, brain fog, appetite cravings, sore joints or other strange issues, a mineral deficiency may be to blame.

Unless you're drinking from your own well or relying upon mineral water you buy from a good source, your bottled, filtered, or tap water is often stripped of precious minerals. 

You don’t just hydrate from water alone… in fact, drinking too much water without the appropriate minerals will dehydrate you even more!

If your daily requirements of essential minerals are being met, your capacity for energy can be ‘maxed out’. If not, you could experience a number of mineral deficiency symptoms leaving you feeling drained.

Your cells operate best at an average pH of around 7.35. When cell voltage and pH drops, fatigue often occurs.  Lack of electron-donors such as minerals can all contribute to this lack of potential.

You’re probably deficient in key minerals because of:

  • modern life stressors that deplete minerals
  • Environmental pollution. pollutants in the air, plastic in drinking water, chemicals in cleaning products, pesticides in food, etc - all will increase your body’s mineral needs.
  • depleted and degraded nutrient content in today’s foods
  • A personal increased need for a mineral and/or difficulty absorbing the mineral from food.
  • Exercise - as a stressor, exercise increases our need for minerals

Important minerals:

  • Chloride – keeps the amount of fluid inside and outside your cells in balance, maintain blood pressure and volume, balances the pH of your body fluids.
  • Magnesium – making protein, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, and immune system health.
  • Potassium –  fluid balance, muscle contractions. The most common cause of potassium deficiency is excessive fluid loss.
  • Sodium – fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle contraction.

Sol Salts Natural Electrolytes is your premier source of minerals/electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride. It is all-natural with nothing else inside it but the Salts your body needs to perform at its highest level. 

Add to your water today to sleep better, perform at a higher level mentally and physically.

Discover more about Electrolytes and how they affect cells in our in-depth blog post.

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