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Sol Supplements Glycine 250g Bag

Sol Supplements Glycine 250g Bag

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| SOURCED + MANUFACTURED in the USA - SolSupps Glycine is the ONLY Glycine on the market made and sourced in the USA under the strictest purity tests! |

Improve Your Sleep And Your Workout Recovery With Sol Supps Glycine Supplement

This amino acid supplement enhances deep sleep, promotes growth hormone production, boosts protein synthesis, and as the simplest amino acid, is used for countless processes in the human body.

Suggested Use: we recommend dissolving the glycine in camomile tea about an hour or so before bed for deeper, more quality sleep. Incredible vivid dreams may occur! You can also pair with our SolSupps Magnesium, which acts synergistically to enhance REM sleep and nighttime calm.

Ingredients: USP-NF Pharmaceutical grade glycine sourced from materials made in the USA.

Serving Size: 2-3 grams for beginners, increasing dose once you are used to it.

Stacks well with: SolSupps Taurine, SolSupps Magnesium, SolSupps BEAST, & SolSupps Niacin


Want to know more about Glycine?

Glycine is sometimes called a semi-essential nutrient because it is made by the body, but not in sufficient quantities to supply various tissues (including bone, muscle, and skin) with what they need. Therefore, we need to get quite a bit of glycine from our diets to stay healthy.

If you are only eating majority muscle meat (which is most of us in the Western world) and not skin and tendons, then supplementing glycine can be the boost you need to supercharge your performance.

Glycine helps to make glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells against oxidative damage (the cause of many diseases).

With low glycine, your body produces less glutathione, which negatively affects how your body handles oxidative stress - many people experience the clearing or improvement of migraines and seizures due to Glycine supplementation for this reason

Glycine is also one of three amino acids that your body uses to make a compound called creatine! 

Benefits of Glycine PROVEN by Scientific Research:

Raw material Certificate of Analysis (COA) can be viewed here. Finished product Certificate of Analysis (COA) can be viewed here.

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