when should I take supplements to maximize the benefits

When Should I Take My Supplements?

We get asked a ton of questions from customers about supplement timing, or what time of day they should take their supplements. So in this blog post I'm going to lay out how the timing of when you take it might affect each supplement we offer.


Sol Supps Glycine

Known as a sleep aid primarily, it has tons of other beneficial effects in the body, not least of which has to do with the stomach/digestion. If you are using it as a sleep aid it would be best to take it an hour or two before bedtime, but you can also use it in the morning to wake yourself up! A slightly larger dose (6-10g) can act as a stimulant during the day. Otherwise, you can take it pre or post-workout to aid in protein synthesis, or before/after meals to aid in digestion.


Sol Supps Magnesium

Our magnesium is similarly used as a sleep aid, so for that purpose, taking it before bed around the same time as you take glycine will maximize its effectiveness. Otherwise, it doesn't matter when you take it (I take 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch, and then 2 caps with glycine an hour before bed).

woman taking sol supps magnesium in her kitchen

Magnesium can be taken throughout the day to maximize the benefits.

Sol Salts

These are best used either before, during, or after strenuous exercise to replenish electrolytes lost by sweat, but you can also just toss them in the water jug you use for daily hydration and sip it throughout the day. Timing for this one doesn't matter so much since it's so versatile. 


Sol Supps Bison Liver and BEAST

I'm grouping these two together because they're both similar and synergistic with each other. If you want a boost for your lift, take them beforehand; If you want to help increase protein synthesis and replenish nutrients quickly and conveniently, take them after exercise. On a rest day you can take them whenever you'd like, although I usually take them with breakfast to get my day off on the right foot and flood my body with nutrients right after waking. 


Sol Supps Niacin

This can be taken whenever you like, if you're using it for cognitive or skin-enhancing benefits. The timing isn't so important, although if you use saunas regularly taking it before can enhance the detoxification process. Please be aware the flush from our niacin is very intense because it is so pure - mixed with sauna heat it can be extremely uncomfortable if you are not used to it. We recommend you try the niacin by itself before trying it with the sauna.

I use it as a 'spot supplement' where, if I know I'll be going out to dinner and possibly having alcohol I take it beforehand and the morning after to accelerate the detox process and aid my liver. 


man resting in sauna after taking sol supps niacin

Niacin and the sauna work together for the ultimate detox - make sure you get used to the niacin flush before combining it with the sauna!

Sol Supps Taurine

This is another supplement where timing doesn't matter too much, although it can be taken pre-workout (or if you're an athlete, pre-game) for a boost in energy and force production.

If you prefer, taking it in the morning or afternoon is fine. As a side note, taking it with magnesium and glycine can help improve sleep through its cognitive calming effects, so taking a capsule or two with our magnesium and glycine could have a synergistic effect (this is what I do).


Sol Supps Astaxanthin

During the spring/summer months in particular, taking it daily in the morning will help protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure (now this is not to say that sunburn is impossible if you take it, but you will be much more resilient). It can be taken before exercise, or for athletes before a game, to give a boost to your muscle contraction force.

Timing doesn't matter much as the beneficial effects on your skin clarity and health will happen regardless (I only say take it in the morning because, if you want it to help with sun exposure, taking it before getting sun exposure is best).

Maximize the Benefits From Your Supplements!

We hope this helps everyone decide on when is the best time to take their Sol Supplements to best achieve their personal goals. Thank you for the support and keep journeying onward to better health!

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